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Beauty Drops PM : Mangosteen

Skin Owl

Founder Annie Tevelin is just like us. After struggling for years with skin issues and countless visits to dermatologists, she was left with minimal results. She realized she was just like millions of other women who had nowhere to turn. 
It was then that she realized the results were in the INGREDIENTS of the products she was using vs. what was being marketed to her. While working on commercial and music video sets as a professional makeup artist, as well as for a top luxury brand, she enrolled in a post-graduate program at UCLA & received a certificate in Cosmetic Chemistry.

From there, she learned the truth about what is truly best for the skin, and more importantly, what works and stays working. From this knowledge came SkinOwl, a skincare company that allowed women to FEEL as good as they looked. The products smelled good, felt good when our clients put them on, and left them glowing inside and out due to their fast-acting results.

SkinOwl's sole mission is to educate you about your skin & deliver the best products, so that skin "care" can be the catalyst to caring about every genuinely important facet of your life. And why not? Your happiness is worth all the world's weight in gold.

Beauty Drops PM : Mangosteen

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Beauty Drops PM : Mangosteen

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by Skin Owl

Mangosteen superfruit oil has unmatched benefits for all skin types and promotes ultimate skin health and beauty. This nighttime oil will de-stress dull skin—the ultimate power oil to recharge and reverse signs of fatigue.


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Revive your skin from the outside in with this oxygenating oil intended to de-stress lackluster skin in need of a boost. Recharge and reverse signs of fatigue with this nighttime elixir and watch skin visibly transform within hours.

Recharge and reverse signs of fatigue with this nighttime elixir and watch skin visibly transform within hours. 

Powerful xanthones work to heal cells damaged by free radicals and slow down the aging process. Mangosteen's natural antibacterial properties and antimicrobial compounds visibly correct skin blemishes, oily skin and chronic dry skin. Coupled with the superior powers of organic, cold-pressed South African Baobab Oil, this exquisite oil absorbs quickly and is designed to act as a high level anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory. 

Directions: Night: After washing your face, use half of one eyedropper vial. Warm oil in hands and massage onto the skin. Breathe in the sweet scent of Mangosteen as you unwind and settle into your evening. Use in conjunction with your Lavender, Geranium, or Clary Sage Beauty Drops AM.

Ingredients: Raw, Organic, cold-pressed African Adansonia digitata (Baobab) Oil, Pure Garcinia mangostana (Mangosteen) Oi