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Feel Good Sunday- Sunny Days Make Us Happy




Feel Good Sunday- Sunny Days Make Us Happy

carla cota

I'm writing on this beautiful day- current weather report is 75 fahrenheit at 11 am. In a bit, I will go out to enjoy the warmth with loved ones at the beach ten minutes away from my home. Life is great and I can't complain one bit. Have you ever noticed as the weather outside gets sunnier and brighter, there are more people out and about smiling and and joyful?  Well, there is actual scientific proof that weather can affect our moods. Here's a few ways:

Spending time outdoors when it's sunny can lead to mood boosts. This makes total sense. People who spend at least 30 minutes outside in warmer climates had happier moods. So take advantage on those lunch breaks you have and step outside!

We're generally happy when days are longer. When there's more available sunshine, people generally feel better. One of the main causes of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is the shorter days. I can agree as well that arriving home after work when it's still light out is a great feeling. I feel that I can still do things as opposed to putting on my pj's and getting ready for sleep. 

Warm weather makes you more inventive. Studies have shown that being outdoors in warmer climates can improve memory and broaden cognitive style, which is linked to more creative thoughts. It's a great way to reset your mindset. 

Warm weather stimulates blood flow, which makes us want to be outdoors and walking, exercising, and doing more physical activities. I think we can all agree it's much easier making it to the gym in warmer weather then it is at cold temperatures. 

So hopefully everyone can get out and enjoy the warm days as I am today, and most importantly drink lots of water and stay hydrated :) How are you spending your day today?