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Feel Good Sunday- When in Doubt, LOVE




Feel Good Sunday- When in Doubt, LOVE

carla cota

          The last few days have been challenging on many people across the nation. I told myself I would never speak politics on here, which I am not. I will only comment on my perspective of people's actions, thoughts, words, and feelings. Change is happening and it dawned on us the night of Nov 8. We were used to our Obama family standing up for minority rights and representing hope, love, and equality. Now people are scared, upset, sad. Mixed emotions are floating around, which I see causing a lot more stress and tension at times. I see people nervous and scared, harsh words being stated, arguments arising in a case of any slight different view. But we need to not keep the negative energy up. We must bring it down.
          I read a quote yesterday on social media from a pretty well known celebrity (won't mention name) and he wrote this. "Letting go is hard, but change is necessary for growth. Sometimes things feel backwards, but when in doubt, LOVE". I thought this was beautifully written and so simply stated. The Obama's inspired us to have hope and inspiration. Why is that going to go away? It shouldn't. The words of one person "fingers crossed" should not have a huge backlash on our communities. We are stronger than that. No person can break us down. We can only keep moving forward. So let's hold hands if needed and keep our head up. And when in doubt, LOVE.