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Feel Good Sunday- Rewind and Recharge




Feel Good Sunday- Rewind and Recharge

carla cota

Rewind and Recharge- or as some call it - Lazy Sunday. Can't say the last time I was able to have one of these days. But part of my new year resolution is to try harder to do so! As someone who is constantly on the go, thinking of what I need to do next, work deadlines, where I need to be, what bills I need to pay, etc etc it's very easy to forget to slow down. I look at these things and think of it more as good stress factors. I have goals that I want to achieve and slowing down will not get me there. But when I let the worries and the bad overthinking get the best of me, the good stress turns into bad stress.

I have been seeing now how the bad stress factors in life can affect you in so many ways you might not even realize. Lots of health issues unfortunately arise from bad stress in your brain, which travels to bad stress in your body. Do you have constant aches, pains, sickness, or breakouts that you can't figure out why they keep coming back? It's probably bad stress. I certainly do and now is the time to take control of my brain. It's key to make sure we take time out DAILY to de-stress our brain and body. Whether it's exercise, getting lost in a book, meditating, or having a lazy Sunday..  Find what works best for you. 

What are your ways to get rid of bad stress in your life?