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Feel Good Sunday- Happy New Year!




Feel Good Sunday- Happy New Year!

carla cota

Happy New Year from the Cotanova family! New year, new you, new resolutions. Most common New Year’s resolution according to google search is to “stay fit and healthy”. Not too difficult, right? It doesn’t have to be. The key is to set realistic goals. If you know you are not a gym person, don’t sign up for the gym on January 1 with the mentality that you will be going a few days a week. The gym is simply not for everyone. Find ways to challenge yourself by doing what you like. If you enjoy walks, perhaps try searching for new hiking trails every week. Hiking is basically walking, with a little more of a challenge and great workout for your legs, glutes, abs.

Cotanova’s resolution is to keep growing and making our store a better platform for everyone’s green beauty solutions. We want to inspire everyone to leading a healthy, gorgeous life. Staying positive, happy, and healthy. Waking up every morning and saying thank you for another blessed day. Spending more time with loved ones. These are just to name a few! So Happy New Year to all of you and happy Sunday Funday!