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Wednesday Review- Province Apothecary Exfoliator




Wednesday Review- Province Apothecary Exfoliator

carla cota

Today's review is for Province Apothecary Regenerating and Stimulating Exfoliator. Exfoliators can be tricky sometimes for people, as you're not sure how to use it; how many times a week to use it; how long you should scrub for... Here's a few key points as to how you use an exfoliator for your skin. Follow this and you will begin to see a huge difference in the softness and smoothness of your skin.

  • Exfoliating at night for most people is usually best after makeup removal and cleansing. This helps to really get rid of any makeup or residue left on your skin from the day. This also sets up the skin to be more receptive of other treatments during your nightly skincare routine. You definitely want to make sure you moisturize after so you're not over drying your skin.
  • If you have dull or oily skin, you can exfoliate in the morning to really clear and brighten up skin.
  • For normal to combination skin, 3-4 times a week is best to exfoliate. For sensitive skin, 1-2 times a week is enough.
  • Make sure to wash with lukewarm water. Too hot or too cold will be harsh on the skin.
  • Always make sure your product is gentle--and as we promote here--contains no harmful chemicals! The absolute best exfoliators I've tried truly are the ones with the least number of ingredients on the package.

Province Apothecary's Regenerating and Stimulating Exfoliator truly is amazing. It's a dry formula that you can mix specifically as you'd like. Take 1 tsp of the exfoliator powder, 1 tsp of a liquid of choice (water or rosewater are my favorite), and mix to make a runny paste. Gently scrub this on your face in small, circular motions for 1-3 minutes. Rinse off with a lukewarm damp cloth. And you're done! Baby smooth, pore free skin instantly.