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Feel Good Sunday- Staying Healthy and Fit During Holidays




Feel Good Sunday- Staying Healthy and Fit During Holidays

carla cota

       Thanksgiving Day is passed. I hope that we all ate well and spent a lovely time with family and friends. For some of us, we might have eaten a little too much. I definitely went a little crazy on the sweets, as usual. Now is my week to detox and get back into shape.

       The work week for me is the most important to eat well, exercise, sleep, and make sure all around I’m taking as best care of my body as I can. The weekend as well I’m very aware of my diet and my exercise, but I will not be as strict on myself during the weekend. Balance is always the key to a healthy life.

       Some of the ways I organize things is that I’m a big list maker. A little too much at times, as people see my calendar and lists and enjoy to tease. But lists seriously help me so much to stay on track. If I don’t do a list of my daily meals or my daily work outs, I will be less likely to actually get it done. And then I end up eating out or skipping workouts. This is a list below of things that I try to make sure I incorporate throughout my week and are all important lifestyle changes for a clean and healthy body.

  • Make sure I add healthy fats such as fish and nuts to my meals. They have a lot of omega 3 and incredibly good for the heart, skin, and all around.
  • Drink water constantly! If possible, add fresh lemon to your water, especially in the morning. This helps to really detox your system. I do this every morning and have not gotten sick once since I started this routine almost a year ago.
  • Work out. Find your niche and what you like. Even one hour of exercise a day is so important with helping to reduce stress, increasing blood flow, and leaving you with natural energy all day.
  • Get enough sleep daily. Most healthy adults need 7-9 hours daily. Lack of sleep can really change your appetite and cravings, and leave your mind and body fatigued all day long.

       With all this, I’m ready to make my grocery list for the week, my meals, and plan out my workouts ( yoga, cycling, legs/butt day, arms/abs day). I hope everyone has a great and healthy week!