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Feel Good Sunday- Thanksgiving Prep




Feel Good Sunday- Thanksgiving Prep

carla cota

   Thanksgiving is just around the corner. For some, Thanksgiving traditions include huge meal preparations with feasts of delicious and rich food shared with family. For others, Thanksgiving traditions are a smaller gathering with friends in a more casual potluck type of setting. In the end, weeks before you are already planning where you are going to go, what will be on the menu for the night, and the grocery list adding up as you prep days before.

   My Thanksgiving is a smaller feast that does not include turkey! My family and I have decided that we are actually not fans of turkey as it’s not really on our top choices of protein meat. Last year, we did an amazing salmon with grilled veggies and my mom’s secret rice. This year is looking to be the same and I can’t complain. Our gathering is quite small with just immediate family and a few others loved ones. Our extended family is rather large; therefore it’s too difficult at times to gather everyone together for one night. This is usually saved for Christmas time.

   Whatever the choice for Thanksgiving Day celebration is, it’s one of the last calmer days before the holiday explosion. Black Friday comes the following day and the promos and sales are usually extended the entire weekend; sometimes even the entire month. I as well will be doing some Black Friday promos so keep your eye out! On this day and on, it’s hard not to feel stressed. There are massive sales everywhere and your brain is starting to run with so many questions. Who do I need to buy gifts for? How much should I spend? What should I get them this year? Should I get the boss something small? Besides the gift list, there are also holiday parties to plan for. Holiday parties at work, holiday parties with close friends. Depending on your family traditions, holiday parties might last a few days. However, it’s nothing to complain about. We are all blessed to be having these thoughts and worries while others out there might not. Let’s remember to take a deep breath and count our blessings. Fortune comes in all forms. If stress begins to hit, take a few moments out of your day to sit in peaceful stillness and remember these fortunes. 

So to all have a blessed Thanksgiving and I’m grateful to have everyone’s love and support. Much love,