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Feel Good Sunday- Supermoon Fun




Feel Good Sunday- Supermoon Fun

carla cota

First day of the week. Last day of the weekend. Just in time for tomorrow’s Supermoon. Tomorrow’s Supermoon, or any full moon, is the time to get rid of what is not working for you and recharge all positive energy around you.

Take a moment to sit down today and think about what you can clear out in life. Whether it’s work, bad relationships, or that pile of clothes in your closet you haven’t worn in years. Get rid of it.

The full moon energy is powerful and strong, so any vibes you give off during this time will be heightened to the max.

What’s on my list today? I will do a good physical cleaning in my apartment and get rid of all clutter. I will recharge my room with my sandalwood candle, lavender spray, and clear quart crystals; followed by a good healthy meal cooked at home. And perhaps I will use my massage gift certificate given to me by a loved one. I hadn’t found the time to use it, but today seems like the perfect occasion. Today is the day to cast your old self, and grow into a new you. It's definitely an occasion worth celebrating.

What’s on your list today to celebrate the Supermoon?