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Nova = New Star (Latin Origin)

    Love your skin and let it shine

    Love your skin and let it shine

Cotanova was established in 2016. The Director was battling multiple intolerances and allergies for some time, hence she started to do vast research into what could really be causing these issues. Doctors told her it was likely that certain products were causing this. She discovered that actually over 1000 chemicals found in beauty products are already banned in Europe, while only 11 are banned in the US. How is that ok? That was the moment that made her slowly start switching out all her beauty products. And.... let me tell you, it was quite a scene as piles of products, which contained harmful ingredients, took over her bathroom.

She knew that switching to all clean and natural products wouldn’t be easy, especially being the girl that always had the latest face mask, the hot shade of lipstick, or cheek blush to give you that sultry glow. A fomo as some may call it when it came to beauty products. But guess what? There are so many amazing brands made out of love and purity that still are in tune with the trends today. Going green is the new black.

Cotanova is here to offer amazing clean and natural products to every girl. We are here to offer products to make you glow and continue to make you feel feminine and pretty, as you are.

Making the change is not easy, but if you love yourself it is necessary. Our suggestion is to start slow and at the same to be aware of what type of products you use and put on your body. As well, beautiful and healthy skin comes from the inside, therefore we will be sharing our experiences and tips for an all around glowing girl.

As we like to say, it is never too late to start over with your skin, become a New Star, become a Cotanova girl. 


Founder, Carla R Cota

All Illustration Drawings by Diana Medrano